Fire Doors

Fire door suppliers to businesses across South Wales

Fire doors are a lifeline. When fitted correctly they will provide vital time for people to escape from fire and smoke. A correctly fitted fire door with correct hardware holds back fire and smoke from 30 minutes and up to 2 hours. 

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Anyone who supplies and installs fire doors has a duty of care and is responsible for ensuring it’s properly fitted and works correctly.

However many fire doors aren’t fitted properly and we often come across:

  • Incorrectly fitted and missing fire & smoke seals filling perimeter gaps incorrectly 
  • Excessive gaps of more than 3mm between the door and its frame
  • Incorrect and missing signage 
  • Damage to door and frame work

The installation of your fire doors is something you can’t afford to get wrong. Hanging a fire door requires specific expertise. It’s essential that it is fitted properly, as factors such as hinge positioning, the spacing between edgings and frames, intumescent seals and intumescent gasket seals must conform to regulations.

Our qualified, experienced fire door fitters know just how important it is to pay attention to the finer details.

Make sure your fire doors are safe

As well as fitting new fire doors, our local specialists can check your current doors for integrity, functionality and security. We’ll carry out full inspections to ensure present fire doors are up to the required safety standards set by the Local Authority and Fire Safety Officer. We can also advise on any repairs or renewals required.

In addition to fire door supply and installation, we supply and fit internal or external grade:

  • glazed locks & handles
  • security locks
  • closers
  • panic bars
  • fire block grilles and vents

Book your fire door inspection

Your local fire door installation company

With over 20 years’ as fire door suppliers, our expert fitters get the job done to the highest standards with the minimum of fuss.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of customers, with our present contracts including, hotels, guest houses, offices and multiple occupation housing.

We supply and fit Fire Doors with many styles and finishes, including made-to-measure fire doors. Internal or external grade, including glazed fire doors, locks & handles, security locks, closers, panic bars, fire block grilles & vents.

We also guarantee the quality of all our work, so you have peace of mind that your fire doors are up to standard and in compliance with all the necessary Fire Safety Regulations.

Contact us to arrange a visit to measure up and discuss your requirements.

Check your fire doors are safe:

  • Ensure there is nothing obstructing the path way leading to and from the door. The door must also open fully
  • Intumescent seals fitted around the edge of the door or frame must be in good condition and can’t be painted over
  • At least 3 CE marked hinges should be fitted
  • Check gaps around the top and side of the door are not greater than 3mm. The gap under the door can be slightly larger, up to 9mm
  • Check the door closes fully without sticking on the frame or floor
  • Check the door closes fully from half way open by itself.

If you don’t think your fire doors are working correctly, book your free fire door inspection. Call us on 07900 585 685.